The Musicians

Niclas T. Winther

Our lead singer is born for the role as a front man.. He totally owns the stage, and his great voice and vocal skills are unquestionable. Niclas has been a rock singer for many years with bands like a.o. Arch Nemesis and Greyzone, he has done several gigs in Europe, such as Sweden Rock Festival and played support acts for artists like Michael Schenker and Quireboys. Musically, his influences started with Elvis, but in the early years he discovered Kiss, who had a great impact on his musical development. Niclas is also a capable song writer and composer. In Northwind he sets his stamp on the band’s sound and style, and his melodic and lyrics contributions are without comparison. Want to read his musical history in his own words? Click here

Mona Stang Svendsen

Our excellent female vocalist has a background in jazz music, singing with a lot of different artists throughout the years. Highly versatile in music, her inspirations outside the jazz world stretches all the way from Jeff Buckley to Opeth. When she and Lars got together, she joined Northwind, and has since then contributed profoundly to the band’s sound and expression. A master of harmonies, and with such a soulful voice very well suited for lead vocals on our less heavy songs, as well as beautiful chorus lines, she continues to add character to our music and to make the band what it is today. Mona’s creativity as a composer is also flourishing, which the band will benefit from on the albums and gigs to come.

Lars J. Svendsen

Our guitarist has at least one foot planted firmly in the 70’s hard rock genre, and his inspirations comes from a.o. groups like Purple and Sabbath, and guitarists like Ritchie Blackmore, Jimi Hendrix, and Carlos Santana. He has played in several different bands before he rounded up with Kai Brekke and Voice Of Northwind in the early 00’s. After a musical break of several years, in 2012 Kai and Lars decided to start a new band with focus on progressive hard rock/metal. The band was simply named Northwind, this new concept turned out to be a great success, creativity flourishing as never before, and all the band members’ different influences melting together in new and exciting music. Lars treats his guitar with passion and technique, and he is also an active and creative composer and song writer for the band.

Kai T. Brekke

Kai is, along with his twin brother Ivan, the founder of the Northwind concept, which started in the late 80’s with rock operas and theatrical progressive rock. He has made several albums within the Northwind concept, Voice Of Northwind and Northwind Teater are two of these constellations which has earned him a lot of credit during the years. Kai has rocked the stage for decades, he is a natural on stage and plays his bass like noone else, and he has composed some wonderful pieces for our band. His musical influences are like Lars in the 70’s; bands like Uriah Heep, Hawkwind and Pink Floyd has been important for his musical development, and still are. Kai and Lars startet up Northwind again after a break of some years, and the band has since then evolved into a melting pot of creativity and good band spirit, just like we hoped for.

Hjaran Berge

Our hard-hitting wizard behind the drums has been with us from the start in 2012, and has had a great part in setting the course for our musical development. In his early days, he played in Arch Nemesis with Niclas and participated on three albums, he was a part of Voice Of Northwind’s rock opera «Midnattskogen», and has also played in several other bands. His musical influences spans from Pink Floyd to Opeth and Dimmu Borgir, which brings in many different elements to our music. Hjaran is also a really capable composer with some marvellous songs on his record, and his dynamic playing style makes our songs go from the quietest valleys to the noisiest peaks and back again, setting the atmosphere we are striving for in our songs.

Nicky Georgiev

Our brilliant keyboardist is originally a classic piano player, educated in the Music Conservatory in Sofia. He has lived in Norway for 30 years, and worked as a professional musician since he was 18 years old. He has performed all over Europe and Scandinavia, alone and with different bands. He played in The Blue and Whites, and has been on the stage with a lot of well known artists, a.o. Marius Müller and Hungry John. His influences is in the jazz rock, hard rock and blues genres, and he’s inspired by a.o. artists and bands like Chick Corea, Level 42 and Mezzoforte. In Northwind he contributes with his virtuous playing, his wonderful B3 sound, and his extensive knowledge of musical theory, a highly valued member of the band..